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Sri Lanka

Motorcycling Mecca In Hiding

Tsunamis, tea plantations and Tamil Tigers - that's what comes to mind when you think about Sri Lanka. Fortunately the country is a lot bigger than that.

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That's T-Grrr!

We managed another Honda Tiger (T-Grrr!) - from the same guy, and he handed over a pretty new bike - it had barely 5000km on the meter.

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Cloud Riding

Nepal was one of those happystance occurences. We had just about 10 days and no place to go - all we knew we were mountain sick after our India trip the year before ...

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The Himalayan Ride

The advertising blurb says "Incredible India!", and theyre not far from the truth. India is many things - but it takes some getting use it. You cant really fight India ...

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The Flying R1

Well I just had to do it - Borneo was begging for a ride. There was some trepidation on how the shipping was going to happen but I needn't have worried.

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